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CMN provides the following ad-management services and not only through its national network of specialized inspectors as follows:

Non-auto damage

  • Injuries / death from road accidents

  • Damage caused to goods by road accidents

  • CMR Insurance

  • CARGO Insurance

  • PAD insurance

  • Optional household insurance

  • Assistance in advising and finding damages

  • Support in completing the complete documentation necessary for the instrumentation and finalization of the damage file

  • Support in obtaining the necessary documents to approve / solve the damage file

  • Assessing damages and calculating damages due (using specialized repair systems)

  • Assistance for additional research by the insurer

  • Permanent access to authorized experts in all areas of activity – for the purpose of carrying out authorized

  • expertise

  • Legal assistance – specialized – assured by the collaborators of C.M.N.

  • Recommendations regarding specialized units for repairing the damage to goods

  • Recommendations regarding specialized units for repairing motor vehicle damage

  • Support in negotiating and obtaining damages

  • Managing damages to insured goods

  • Managing damages to third parties from guilty insurers

Auto damage

  •   Casca insurance

  •   RCA insurance

  •   Green book insurance