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What is CMN?

• CMN is a company founded in 2013 whose goal is to implement a highly professional service of claims handling, across all aspects of claim types. Excellence in claims handling is in fact our competitive edge and it is a service that all our clients greatly value and appreciate.

Who are we?

• A team of independent professionals, made up of inspectors and experts, with high experience in damage claims and all types of policies. Our team is dedicated to providing honest, fair and prompt investigation, handling and disposition of claims for all our clients.
• We cover a wide area of  services in the claims domain: property/buildings, CMR/Cargo, constructions, agricultural, auto, etc.
• We have a structured network that allows us to cover the entire country, thus ensuring a prompt and professional service, in any part of the country.


• Since people tend to have less and less confidence in the insurance companies, we would like to offer high quality services, that may lead to a significant improvement of the relationship between the policy holder and the insurance company.